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The Truck Board can help you find the ideal jobs on your ideal route

Tired of spending hours searching for a trucking job that suits your schedule? Wish it was easier to keep your truck loaded in the direction you wanted to travel? The Truck Board and it's app will make your life a lot easier.

The best part is that it comes with its own dispatch team, that exclusively uses this technology to load your truck with front hauls and back hauls...which means you don't have to search load boards, negotiate with brokers, make sales calls, spend weeks far away from home, and travel undesired lengths

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Who else can benefit from using our app?

Our app is a wonderful tool for every party involved in the shipping process, which is why it’s popular with more than just truckers. You should also consider using our app if you’re associated with:

Freight brokers, dispatchers, and shippers: You can use the app to search for trucks

You’ll be able to find truckers and carriers that can handle your job. Not interested in downloading our app, but still want all the perks that The Truck Board offers? No problem — call 337-909-9403 now for our team to set you up on our listings over the phone.

Our Story

Learn more about The Truck Board and the reason it was created.

Our Story

How It Works

The users and their roles

How It Works

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3 reasons to use The Truck Board

Once you start using The Truck Board, you'll wonder what you ever did without it. Our app is ideal for those who want to increase their:


Truckers get reloaded in their desired travel lanes while companies get connected to ideal truckers faster

Profit margins:

Truckers stay loaded while companies get a break on price

Quality of life:

More local trucking jobs mean more time at home, which can reduce stress on drivers overall

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