How It Works

truck driver app arnaudville, LA

Users and Functionality:

Managing Company - This is the company that users of the apps and site "assign" themselves to. Shows what company a trucker represents. This user approves or rejects users that assign themselves to their company and can upload documents and images related to their business for instant identity and insurance verifications.

Business User - This user has the functionality to search the boards. This should be a dispatcher, freight broker, shipper, or anyone else that needs the capability to search the board for trucks. This user can be given privileges to list truckers on the backhaul board and has company approval privileges, which allows them to approve or reject any users assigning themselves to the same company.

Trucker - This is the user that defines driver credentials and qualifications and truck and trailer details. Truckers can have as many trucks and trailers on their profile as they want and adjust details as needed. Their equipment is listed on the equipment board, and they can list themselves on the backhaul board by defining where they will be and where they want to go. Truckers can change which company they work for at any time and can also select certain users that are able to list them on the backhaul board.

The results:

Efficiency - keeping truckers loaded in the directions they want or need to travel. This reduces their unloaded mileage and will reduce the overall number of trucks on the road.

Profit - Everyone benefits financially. The truckers stay loaded, and companies get a break on the price, as truckers can afford to discount a load that is bringing them close to their home.

Quality of life - Less time in the truck = more time at home.

Safety - More time at home means happier truckers = better driving conditions for all travelers.